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How much do flowers really cost?

Planner: Well, what’s your budget?
Bride: I don’t know?! I’ve never planned a wedding before 😳

Today’s question: How much do flowers cost for weddings? Can I use artificial instead?

Flowers add an astounding touch to weddings but how much do they really cost?

On average-
Boutonnières: $20-$30 each
Corsages: $35-$45 each
Bride’s bouquet: $150-$250 (depending on floral uses and size)
Bridesmaids bouquet: $60-$75 each for a small replica of the bride’s bouquet. Can be cheaper if less flowers are used.
Flower girl petals: $65-$80
Aisle flowers (center scattered or sides): $200-$250 maybe more depending on thickness
Bride/Groom garland (indian weddings): $120-$150 each
Small cube centerpieces: $85-$100 each
Medium short centerpieces: $100-$120
Large centerpieces: $150 and up
Vase full of flowers (aisle pedestal or reception decor): $150-$175 each
Arch decor: $500-$800

Believe it or not, renting artificial flowers can be just as expensive as real flowers. Personally, we would go with real flowers and let your guests take it home as a souvenir.

Cheers, couples!