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  • Do I pay the remaining deposit to WedSmart or my assigned vendors? 

    The remaining deposit will be paid to the vendor directly. The customer will pay WedSmart the deposit, the deposit is sent to the vendor, along with the contract, delivery is added(if applicable) and remaining deposit is handled by the vendor. 

  • As a local business owner, how can I become one of WedSmart's preferred vendors?

    Thank you for inquiring! We would love for you to be part of our preferred vendor list. We do conduct an interview to make sure that you will be a right fit to work with us. If interested, please contact us at

  • How does WedSmart work?

    WedSmart allows couples to build their wedding on 1 platform. Select the items you need for your event, pay the deposit, complete your order and WedSmart will e-mail you the local business that is assigned to your event. 

  • How do I find out what vendor is assigned to my event?

    WedSmart will e-mail you your assigned vendor details within 24-48 hours of booking.

  • Once I receive my assigned vendors, should I call them or will they call me?

    Our preferred, quality vendors will call you to touch base and sign their contract to complete the booking process.

  • Do I sign a contract with the vendor or WedSmart? 

    WedSmart is essentially a referral service and the customer will sign the contract with the vendor directly.

  • Will WedSmart transfer the deposit I have paid to my assigned vendors?

    Yes, WedSmart will send the deposit to the assigned vendors.

  • I haven't heard from my vendor, what do I do?

    This should never happen but if it does, please call WedSmart at (760)-783-5604 and we will address your concern. 

  • How does WedSmart charge the same price across the entire country?

    The staff of WedSmart come from years of wedding planning and decor experience to which they have built relationships with local vendors. The prices reflected are industry standard prices.

  • Why isn't setup/delivery included for most items?

    Since WedSmart is a referral company, we do not know the details of your event (how many flights of stairs, how far is the parking lot from the venue, are there elevators, etc.). These details will impact the cost of setup/delivery. Therefore, WedSmart will leave it up to the vendor to calculate the setup/delivery fees once you sign their contract.